DSSL Group is one of the only security system providers that offer the design, installation and maintenance of wireless networks without the requirement of a subcontractor to pre-stage or commission the equipment needed. We have our own in-house engineers who have had training with wireless partners and network switch providers and have a high level of experience in designing and installing wireless networks.

Many councils that have not upgraded their systems are unaware of the extremely high costs of their current CCTV system. Due to the large spread of CCTV and with most systems last upgraded in the ’90s this has meant that many CCTV cameras are connected back to a control room location using leased fibre connections. These connections which are controlled by large corporate companies come with very high costs, creating a huge required revenue budget.

With the correct consultation and design, there is huge potential to reduce high revenue costs when upgrading to digital. With the cost of wireless technology reducing and the quality of equipment increasing and becoming more reliable it leaves councils with a fast method to upgrade to digital and cut annual costs.

DSSL Group will tailor a design to suit the client and the assets available. If the council has many high-rise blocks then a complete wireless solution is most likely the best option. On the other hand, if the council consists of low-level buildings, greenery and a wide coverage area then a mixture of both wireless and fibre connections will be the best solution.

Recently DSSL Group installed wireless infrastructure across Hillingdon London Borough. We designed a new wireless solution which allowed a large decrease in annual rented fibre costs, saving the council an estimated £50,000 a year. We then created a connection of over 850 cameras back to the Hillingdon control room including feeds from both housing and corporate sites. The newly installed network consists of Siku, Infinet, and Ubiquiti wireless links all secured by Comnet managed switches.