Swale Borough Council
14th January 2022
4th February 2022

Uxbridge Civic Centre – Access Control Upgrade

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The Civic Centre in Uxbridge is a municipal building in High Street, Uxbridge. The civic centre, which is the headquarters of Hillingdon Borough Council, is a grade II listed building.


The existing access control system had numerous faults which could not be repaired due to the system being locked down. A full upgrade was required including minor building works and a custom built speed gate.


DSSL Group worked alongside Grosvenor Technology to design a modern, reliable and fully functional access control system to meet all of the client’s needs.

We chose Grosvenor Technology and their sateon advance access control system due to its slick installation. This system reduces panel size by four times its competitors, meaning one panel can control up to eight readers and fit in housing the same size as a competitors one door controller.

The sateon system is stored on a secure server and accessed via IP/web browser, reducing costs of dedicated access control PCs and making the system easily managed by staff members.

DSSL Group installed the system onto the existing CCTV network, the system consists of over 100 doors, 3,000 users and 1 set of speed gates. Lastly, we changed all exit buttons on-site to motion buttons for increased hygiene and to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


  • The software can be managed anywhere in the centre.
  • Increased security for those inside the centre.
  • Reduced costs due to no dedicated access control PCs.
  • Increased hygiene measures as a result of motion buttons.