DSSL Group have a designated team of engineers and a fleet of vehicles that specialise in town centre CCTV systems.
With experience in existing legacy systems and a high level of understanding of the requirements of town centre CCTV, DSSL Group offer a second to none quality of service. We can offer a range of services such as, emergency response first fix, long term maintenance contracts, staged HD upgrades, and full HD upgrades with short timescales.

We take customer satisfaction very seriously and believe we are the best in the business with regards to our high level of customer care, our quality of work and our experience in looking after town centre systems.

Currently, DSSL Group maintain multiple town centre systems, some are still legacy systems requiring constant TLC to ensure these are performing as well as they can for our clients. Other systems are performing staged upgrades and we also maintain a state-of-the-art HD town centre system for a client that consists of over 120 Ruggedized HD town centre cameras and over 1,200 HD cameras across numerous corporate buildings all viewable at a newly re generated control room.

Utilising our Networking engineers DSSL Group offer wireless infrastructure and fibre networks direct from our own staff base. We manage over 650 wireless radio links across multiple London Boroughs and have on board fibre optic splicing machines, so that even the most complex of system breakdowns can be repaired at first fix where possible.

DSSL have designed multiple networks from scratch that have saved some of our clients over £50k per annual in fibre rental charges. In addition, our expert networking team can revitalise any existing network and resolve any latency or bandwidth problems due to poor installation or design.

We currently own 15 vans and 3 mobile elevated platforms that support our clients around the M25 corridor with 2 MEWPS stored in Basildon, Essex and another stored in North London. This allows us to offer local authorities the best possible service on their town centre systems as we can attend calls out of hours with a cherry picker.

Our Project Managers and Consultants have extensive experience in the industry and with DSSL Group being a partner with leading manufactures we can offer exactly what we believe the customer requires.

Please see some of our most recent case studies below.