4th February 2022
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14th February 2022

Three Major Control Room Upgrades

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DSSL Group has recently made major upgrades to three separate control rooms. Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London Borough of Waltham Forest and Central Bedfordshire Council.


All of the control rooms came with their own individual challenges. Both Central Bedfordshire and Waltham Forest were set in a brand new room, which required custom-built furniture and lighting.

At Brent Cross, it was essential that the project was completed alongside the existing control room, whilst ensuring a safe environment for their operators and allowing them to continue with their delivery of vital services.


In order to complete all three projects to the highest standards, DSSL Group worked in partnership with technical furniture providers to offer a turnkey custom solution. The projects were then supplied, installed, and commissioned by DSSL Group using our own experienced in-house engineers.

Across the three control rooms over 4,000 cameras are in operation, all of which have full video wall control via Genetec software or a third party KVM.

In addition to this, the control rooms are now integrated with police radio, shop radio and staff IT computers, allowing a smooth-running process, assisting with keeping the community safe.


  • Modernised control rooms.
  • Increased safety for the community.
  • Comfortable working environment.
  • Secure method of storing and sharing data.