Spectacular rides, exciting shows and extraordinary events – anyone who visits an amusement park is mainly looking for fun, relaxation and thrills. But most importantly: Visitors want to be able to enjoy the numerous attractions without having to worry about their safety and security.

DSSL Group offers a complete suite of services to the Theme Park and leisure industry, Where safety is paramount the group has successfully delivered to some of the UK largest Theme Park operators the latest state of the art HD cameras combined with advanced analytic detection, not only have the cameras been installed to detect stationary ride trains but also used for high secure application such as live monitoring of dangerous animal enclosures.

For any amusement park in the world the top priority is to create a secure environment so that families can feel comfortable and enjoy their trips. That is why high-value surveillance cameras monitor car parks, entrances, rides, or shops. Recordings from any person entering or leaving the park are digitally recorded and can be played back at any time locally or from a centrally monitored controlled location.

CCTV is an exceptionally effective deterrent of crime, and car parks guarded by the presence of CCTV provide a high level of protection for the vehicles parked there. The ability of security camera systems to ward off those looking to target unattended cars offers guests the reassurance they want.

Another useful function of CCTV is for number plate recognition (ANPR). If you own a carpark, then you need to ensure that the cars who use it pay the rates that you charge or automatically manage car park capacity and restrict entry. CCTV can ensure that guests do not use your car park without paying.

For ride operation specifying the correct security camera and location will increase the operator’s awareness on a rider’s safety even before the ride begins. When the ride takes place, the operator can monitor to make sure the riders are safe and out of harm’s way.

The group works close with the park security teams, engineering teams & ride project managers to provide a full turnkey solution providing the latest state of the art integrated systems using the latest technology.

Surveillance systems installed on the following attractions