Sea and inland ports are important transportation hubs for international commodity trading. Giant container ships lay anchor and discharge their shipments, waiting to go out to sea again with new cargo. Whether by land or by water, the port area may only be accessed by authorised personnel. High-resolution cameras, therefore, detect anybody who enters the premises and document the ship traffic as well as the movements of people and vehicles at the port’s gateways.

Often, the CCTV/IP video surveillance system is complemented by intelligent video analysis systems which automatically carry out certain processes such as opening barriers or issuing alarms in cases where unidentified vehicles or ships are detected.

DSSL Group offers a complete suite of services comprising of CCTV, access control, and perimeter intruder detection systems to protect port perimeters and gateways. Not only does DSSL Group provide the full range of security surveillance systems for port security but also focuses on operator safety.

DSSL Group has successfully installed CCTV on straddle and ship to shore cranes manufactured by KONE and ZPMC to provide operational support for crane operations. CCTV cameras have been installed on cranes in key locations and then integrated into the crane’s PLC system to provide automatic CCTV viewing when the crane is in a certain location, thus making it easier and safer for container movement.