DSSL Group understands the unique, sophisticated, and evolving threats to the pharmaceutical industry, including intentional adulteration, cargo theft, counterfeiting, and diversion. We can help implement comprehensive supply chain security solutions to counter these threats, which can arise at any stage in the long, multifaceted journey from raw source materials to finished products to consumers.

With increasing inspections from the FDA, DEA, and other global regulatory bodies, as well as the need to comply with industry standards such as good manufacturing practises (GMP), good distribution standards (GDP), good storage practises (GSP), and other international standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the pharmaceutical industry faces an overwhelming need to implement and enforce consistent security practices.

DSSL Group provides a multi-layered approach with a variety of fail-safes to help secure pharmaceuticals at every point, protecting them from external threats as well as internal misappropriation Whether you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or logistics provider, DSSL Group can help you identify vulnerabilities throughout the pharmaceutical industry and put measures in place to counter even the most dedicated criminals.

DSSL Group offers a complete suite of services to the pharmaceutical industry and has successfully delivered security surveillance systems comprising of access control, CCTV, and intruder detection systems to some of the world’s largest drug manufacturers. All staff are trained to work inside sterile environments (GMP) and have deployed some of the latest HD CCTV cameras to monitor production and packaging areas to suit the client’s needs.