Fareham Town Centre
9th February 2024
Harrow Council
9th February 2024


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A new install of ANPR cameras were required to cover key areas and arterial routes to monitor traffic coming into the borough.


Work was carried out in high traffic vehicle and pedestrian areas meaning traffic management was required. We worked out of hours and used safety barriers in order to minimise disruption.


The main backbone of the network was already installed by DSSL Group when we installed town centre upgrades. We therefore, designed the system to work seamlessly with the existing VMS, allowing features such as alerts and hotlists.

In total, 37 Genetec SharpVU ANPR cameras were installed over a period of two months.


  • Easy number plate recognition.
  • Alerts available.
  • Using the existing system.
  • 160,000 number plates read daily.