9th February 2024
BP Hamble
20th February 2024

Harrow Council

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Due to the building of the original control room closing down a brand new control room was required in a different location. The network and camera system also needed upgrading.


The existing system was a poorly maintained analogue system with many faults across the network and poor image quality. The borough was very busy so we had to plan works accordingly, meaning early starts and late finishes to prevent obstruction to the public.


Firstly, the new control room was designed and fitted. Once the control room was furnished we installed all of the running equipment for the new Genetec CCTV system and carried out local tests before installing the first cameras.

To keep downtime to a minimum we installed a temporary Genetec work station at the old control room, so the operators could view the cameras as they were decommissioned.

The control room consists of 7 operator work stations, each with 3 screens. The video wall has 20 52″ screens spread across 2 rows. There are also 6 rear facing positions for enforcement officers. There are currently 250 cameras on the network and over 400 radio links.

The project took around 16 weeks to complete, start to finish.


  • High quality images.
  • Cost saving.
  • Increased public safety.