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18th April 2023
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25th April 2023

Flitwick Town Council

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Flitwick is a small town in rural Bedfordshire which has seen significant development in recent years, partly due to its excellent rail links to London.


The area was prone to anti-social behaviour and previous cases of stolen items. There was currently no CCTV covering these areas.

Practically, the main challenge was working alongside busy roads, where a cherry picker was required. In order to overcome this, dssl engineers completed works early hours in the morning, when traffic was at its lowest.


Firstly, DSSL Group engineers installed a Hanwha multi-sensor and PTZ camera, allowing control room operators to have a full 360 degree overview of the war memorial site.

Then, engineers installed another Hanwha PTZ on a lamp column nearby the skate park, which has the required zoom to monitor the area. All of the cameras installed are wirelessly linked back to the interchange project area and can be easily monitored by control room staff via Genetec VMS.

Lastly, a Hanwha PTZ camera was installed in the area prone to theft as this can tour the site fully. We installed an IP air unit alongside this allowing constant monitoring of the camera by the control room. This project was completed in one day.


  • 24/7 control room monitoring.
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour.
  • Increased public safety.