Fire Detection & Protection

DSSL Group’s Fire Detection & Protection systems are designed and installed to a very high Commercial Standard. Full system sub-assembly is carried out in our workshops and carefully checked, inspected and tested before delivery to site. On site installation is carried out by our own team of qualified specialist engineers with a full and detailed quality inspection being carried out prior to system commissioning.

Our solutions can be installed as standalone systems, or fully integrated with internal business and security systems and external monitoring stations, to provide end-to-end fire protection and rapid response. Automated alerts can be generated to pre-defined specifications, autodialing fire stations and personnel by telephone and automatically reporting faults.

From our HQ in Basildon, DSSL Group have a long and distinguished track record of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining Fire Alarm Systems. We’re proud to keep businesses safe across Essex, London and the South East.

We also supply, install, commission and maintain a radio-based, cable free fire detection system that minimises disruption during installation, and is ideal for buildings that wish to avoid hardwired cabling, such as heritage properties and those that require non-intrusive monitoring. Also we provide a hybrid system, where extending an existing or an installation of a new fire alarm system in an architecturally sensitive buildings where the use of cables is either impractical or undesirable.

Regulations change over the years, but one thing remains the same. A serious fire can have real implications both emotionally and financially – in the event of a major fire it is reported that over 80% of businesses in the UK never reopen.

The disruption to everyday trading can set you back a long way. Worst case scenario, it can bankrupt a business. In addition, you have a duty of care to your employees and any visitors to your premises.

Prevention is better than cure and the simple answer for your peace of mind is to get a Fire Alarm System from a supplier you can trust.

We pledge to respond to all faults reported within four hours, with full investigation and resetting of devices. Wherever possible we aim to rectify issues remotely to increase speed of resolution and reduce the cost of site visits. When it comes to fire protection there can be no margin for error. Commercial organisations can be devastated by the loss of business data and assets through fire – but even more importantly, the accurate detection and rapid suppression of fire saves people’s lives.

DSSL Group provides a full range of fire protection, detection and suppression solutions, in full compliance with the stringent standards governing the protection of life and property.