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25th April 2023
9th February 2024

Farnham Town Centre

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A new town CCTV system was required alongside rapid deployment cameras to tackle crime.


A new town centre CCTV system was needed to replace the old analogue system which was decommissioned due to it not being fit for purpose. In order to keep the public safe and minimise disruption we worked out of hours and used safety barriers and signage.


Firstly, we designed a network infrastructure using the existing CCTV columns. We installed and commissioned the aerials. The server was then installed and linked to the roof top via fibre, we completed this by working alongside the council’s IT team.

We could then start the installation of the cameras. These were immediately able to record, meaning there was no down time.

The work on the existing car park and housing systems then began, we upgraded the recording systems to allow viewing from the Civic Centre and installed additional rapid deployment cameras in key areas.

In the town centre 57 aerials, 55 bullet cameras, 3 PTZ cameras and 6 rapid deployment cameras were installed. In addition to this, in the car parks 11 bullet cameras and 9 PTZ cameras were installed over 2 months.


  • Increased CCTV coverage.
  • Easy to use by the council.
  • Increased public safety and reduced crime rates.