DSSL Group provides custom turnkey control room solutions by working closely with technical furniture and technology providers, allowing us to meet the client’s operational requirements. We have completed installations from start to finish within a variety of markets including local authorities, critical infrastructure, petrochemical, theme parks, and shopping centres.

Control room projects would follow a minimum timeline of:

  • An initial site meeting to agree on the operational requirements from the stakeholders.
  • A meeting with the control room operators, to allow them to suggest their ideas and for DSSL Group to answer any questions.
  • DSSL Group would design a baseline technical solution.
  • DSSL Group would complete a site visit to allow us to measure the control room. We would then provide full 3D drawings to the client of the room, containing multiple configuration options.
  • DSSL Group would complete a full technical design to match the desired 3D drawing layout.

Once the above timeline was complete, we can then mobilise the project.

Our designs ensure that the solution complies with DDAX display requirements. We also ensure the ergonomics are correct for the working environment, allowing easy staff usability and safety.

There are a large range of benefits when installing control room’s including:

  • The migration of CCTV systems from a variety of different departments.
  • The ability to be integrated with access control, door entry, fire, BMS, and more.
  • The opportunity to offer a smart city in the future.
  • Showing a commitment to security and support to the local police and services.