DSSL Group are specialists in CCTV systems using only quality equipment from leading manufacturers from around the world. Our experience in CCTV allows us to offer solutions for all scenarios, taking into consideration the clients operational requirements and budget, allowing a fit for purpose, affordable CCTV system.

Our engineering teams are highly trained and experienced in installing and maintaining systems. We install a large range of CCTV solutions, allowing all industries to be covered. Some of the solutions we offer include: HD digital CCTV, ANPR, Atex rated CCTV and thermal imaging.

More than ever before, CCTV is assisting local authorities and police in tackling crime. Please see comments below from Councillor Mills of the London Borough of Hillingdon in relation to a DSSL installed system:

‘We’re very proud of our CCTV network and I’m very glad that MP Nick Hurd was able to come as Minister of London and see why. This is a new generation of technology which we invested in to directly respond to the concerns of our residents who often tell us that tackling anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and crime is a key concern of theirs. Recent figures give us a snapshot of the cameras’ value to law enforcement. There were 164 incidents passed onto the police to follow up between June and July. There were also 21 incidents of fly-tipping caught on camera, helping the council track down offenders.’

Increased CCTV is also helping police respond to crime. Talking about a recent DSSL project Superintendent Gary Taylor, of the Metropolitan Police said “I have had the opportunity to review the new system and must say I’m very impressed with both the outstanding quality and capability it offers. The new generation technology will give us far greater ability to prevent and detect crime and working with our partners, it will be an additional resource to provide reassurance and keep the community safe.”