Harrow Council
9th February 2024
Nevill Court
21st February 2024

BP Hamble

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The existing system consisted of old analogue cameras and old cabling infrastructure. The majority of cameras were unusable due to poor quality images and video drop-off.


100% intruder detection was needed around the site perimeter. We worked under a strict permit working system and needed to use a variety of different means of access such as scaffold towers, MEWPs and camera tower winches.


Firstly, we carried out a site survey to identify the system requirements. DSSL then supplied and installed new camera towers followed by SWA single mode fibre and SWA Cat5 to all the CCTV locations. Camera were then installed on the new columns first.

The control equipment was then installed and the new cameras added so that the new and old system would run side by side so the site would not be without CCTV coverage during the project. Once all 61 cameras were installed the system was commissioned.

Axis perimeter defender software was installed on the thermal cameras around the site perimeter. In addition to this thermal temperature cameras and alarms were completed.

Lastly, training was then given to the relevant parties.


  • Improves the security and safety of the site.
  • Operation safety improved due to coverage.
  • Site perimeter is covered, reducing the risk of trespassing.