Test Valley Borough Council – Full CCTV Upgrade Inclusive of a Wireless Network
14th January 2022
Hillingdon Control Room – Major CCTV Upgrade
14th January 2022

Battle of Britain Bunker Museum – Fully Integrated Security Solution Using Artificial Intelligence

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The Battle of Britain Bunker is an underground operations room at RAF Uxbridge, formerly used by No.11 group fighter command during WW2. Today the site is run by Hillingdon Council as a heritage attraction with attached museum.


The existing CCTV and intruder alarm systems were not up to standard and had obtained multiple faults within a short time. DSSL Group was requested to complete a full report on the system with the goal of creating a fully integrated security solution to reduce costs in manned security and improve remote security and police response time.


Using the existing DSSL designed wireless network in place across the borough we specified a Genetec security center solution for the museum. We installed over 75 HD Dahau CCTV cameras all of which are viewable from the council’s flagship control room.

As well as this, DSSL completed a full Honeywell Galaxy alarm install, consisting of 62 zones. This was commissioned to report to a central monitoring station and be accessed by control room staff, allowing them to receive alerts and set/unset remotely.

Axis IP PA speakers were also installed alongside kiwi analytics on all external cameras allowing us to secure the perimeter using artificial intelligence technology.


  • Reduced ongoing revenue costs.
  • Increased remote security with fast response.
  • Multi-layer security.