Whether you’re looking for a swing operated door, barrier, sliding door or a pedestrian gate, DSSL Group have the solution for you. As a business, we pride ourselves on quality and investing in our staff’s development, this is backed by us being door safe registered. Being door safe registered means that all of our engineers are trained in automated door installation and servicing.

In addition to this, DSSL Group is a full member of the ADIA, meaning we are BS EN160005 compliant and accredited by City and Guilds.

Currently, DSSL Group provides installation, maintenance, servicing and emergency call out to over 50 corporate buildings across the London Borough of Hillingdon. This includes libraries, theatres, social services and the Uxbridge Civic Centre. Recently, we installed automatic doors with remote fobs across an assisted living scheme allowing residents easy access to their homes. This has improved quality of life for residents particularly those in wheelchairs and those who use mobility scooters.

There are a range of benefits when installing automatic doors, including:

  • Reduced contact with doors (particularly when using motion sensors) reducing the spread of viruses.
  • Easy access for vulnerable and elderly users who may not be able to open and close heavy doors.
  • Increased safety for those inside the building.