Three Major Control Room Upgrades
14th February 2022
Central Bedfordshire Council
9th November 2022

Air BP Isle of Grain

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Air BP is the specialised aviation division of British BP. They are one of the world’s largest suppliers of aviation fuels, including AVGAS and kerosene jet fuels, and lubricants for both turbine and piston-engine aircraft.


At the Isle of Grain BP site, fuel is delivered via ships and stored on-site until it is ready to be pumped into trains, lorries, and underground pipelines in order to feed major UK airports. A specialist contractor was required to design and install a solution to secure the site. Requirements consisted of perimeter protection, analytics, and ATEX rated equipment.


Our specialist projects team designed a solution that would meet the operational requirements and functionality using cutting-edge technology. The installation and commissioning of works were solely completed by our CVSS specialist division staff, with an O&M manual and NSI Gold certificate issued at completion.

In hazardous areas, ATEX equipment was installed (all CVSS engineers are Compex certified).

In addition to this, a control room allowing operators to have full coverage of the site was installed. Thermal imaging and PTZ cameras were supplied alongside this, transmitting a fibreoptic network to ensure a solid connection to the control room.

Lastly, the perimeter of the area was protected via beam towers, alongside CCTV with self-learning analytics to ensure full coverage.


  • Full perimeter protection.
  • Integration with pump control equipment.
  • Comfortable working space for operators.
  • HD coverage in explosive areas.