DSSL was formed in 1998 By Dave Stephens, mainly to service the Public Sector. In 2005 he branched out from the public sector and together with Arran Henderson formed CVSS Limited, a company trading in the private sector. Since then the two companies have worked side by side with DSSL Limited retaining its public sector face and CVSS Ltd growing in the private sector and industrial areas.
The Group brings a new dimension to development and installation of total security solutions and offers an extremely competitive service.

The Group has a highly qualified Engineering workforce with considerable expertise in development, installation, maintenance and integration of CCTV, access control (wireless, fibre and hard wired) and perimeter protection systems.DSSL Directors feel that the Group occupies a position in the marketplace that meets the call for a highly engineering oriented company, ensuring the continued provision of a valued service.

The Group now offer these facilities to a wide variety of users in all sorts of commercial and Industrial situations. As well as designing and supplying many new installations, the Group has been asked to take over the service and maintenance of existing systems and ensure the performance and operational capabilities are maintained to that of the original specification.

For example, the Group still undertakes the maintenance of a number of installed systems, some of which are now over 25 years old. These systems still meet the required performance specifications, as a result of effective preventative maintenance and servicing activities.The Group is able to provide a full optical fibre solution where appropriate, and also delivers wireless technology and IP services to a broad base of clients. This is all serviced by in house staff.

CCTV is employed to provide effective and reliable solutions in many areas including monitoring public safety, security, site management, process control and many other functions.The DSSL Group has the technical expertise and practical experience to be able to offer real solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Development of diverse designs that are specific to each client's needs, brings client satisfaction to the forefront of our activities. This involves taking an identified operating requirement and planning a suitably engineered design using CCTV, together with associated technologies, to achieve really effective solution.

We are happy to advise clients at an early stage as to what options are available, and how best any particular system design might be configured. In developing a solution, we will provide a fully detailed proposal, together with a competitive quotation,listing all of the equipment and works required. By working together in this way, you can be assured that the final arrangements will be entirely satisfactory for your application.